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Blockchain traceability for the transport of live animals

Blockchain traceability for the transport of live animals

Creation of transport documents.

Registration of signatures/acceptance from the farm, veterinarian, transport and slaughterhouse.

Unloading of animals in the slaughterhouse, cleaning trucks.

Blockchain identities are recorded without the possibility of unwanted manipulations.


Reception and Management of Batches/Lots

Reception and Management of Batches/Lots

Meat Data View is a web application for vertical management of the slaughterhouse.

Reception of trucks with live animals based on daily/weekly forecasts or purchase orders, recording data such as farms, suppliers, vehicles, carriers, quality marks, types of animals…

Compliance with SAE regulations, recording and monitoring of animal welfare and fasting hours, transport, and stabling.

Management of all documents associated with the batch or lot (transport guide, traceability, DVRs…)

Manual or automatic truck weighing using RFID.

Customizable reporting for data analysis.

Dashboards to monitor the progress of slaughter orders at different levels/departments.

Truck cleaning control and issuance of disinfection report (point 03).


Truck Washing and Disinfection

Truck Washing and Disinfection

Control of truck cleaning, monitoring cleaning and disinfection cycles of the machines until the issuance of the official disinfection certificate: associating it with the incoming batch, identifying the person(s) responsible and the cleaning products used.

We ensure the activation of the process with the identification of the carrier by RFID and/or automatic license plate reading, with video recording or image capture to ensure good practice in the process.

Issuance of a ticket with economic valuation of the process.


Live pig counter

Live pig counter

It controls without human intervention the number of animals that enter.

Automatic video recording.

Automatic update of the total.

Possibility of further review.


Pen Management and Slaughter Orders

Pen Management and Slaughter Orders

Application that manages the location of live animals in the pens.

Main functionalities and usage sequence:

  • Design of the pen layout adapted to the client’s physical reality (Identification of pens, capacities, occupied/available spaces…)
  • Operator control, animal welfare data, injuries, emergencies.
  • Controls and Antemortem verification before generating slaughter orders (total or partial batches).
  • PLC synchronization for shower control to save water (optional).
  • Pig-Counter: Live pig counter using AI algorithms (optional).


ID-Merge Channel Creation and Data Classification and Batch Assignment

ID-Merge Channel Creation and Data Classification and Batch Assignment

ID-MERGE system is a dedicated software to generate individual carcasses for each pig linked merged with RFID tags .

Full control and manage data communication with Automarker and Autofom systems from Frontmatec®, calculates carcass predictors from the scanner performed by Autofom.

Batch assignment based on slaughter orders and emergencies created at the exit of the pens.

Control and monitoring functions of the state of the Autofom equipment (online, alarms…) and communications.


Channel Genre Assignement (T inox)

Channel Genre Assignement (T inox)

Program for assigning gender to each of the carcasses passing through the rump cleaning point, using IP69K touch banners in a stainless-steel structure.

Connection to RFID antenna for reading the identification tag.


Veterinary Inspection and Contamination Controls

Veterinary Inspection and Contamination Controls

Software to manage carcasses and batches, considering all actions to be performed in vet inspection.

Login control for each people in Vet Inspection or Contamination point.

Exploitation data carcasses, Inspection, Seizures, and Contaminations.

Two types of inspections are considered:

  1. Carcass Level: The process starts with reading the tag of the channel or manual entry of the channel ID.
  • Assignment of reasons.
  • Assignment of confiscated pieces with the corresponding weight.
  • Observations.
  • Veterinary and auxiliary register of those involved.
  1. Batch Level:
  • Grid with quantity of offal per piece and reason (with touch screen or stainless-steel panel with push buttons).
  • Automatic control/counter of rejected trays of viscera.

Dashboard in Meat Data View to monitor everything happening on the line, in real-time, at the inspection level.

Optional modules:

  • Communication with the PLC to control tanks and batches that are suitable or not for bleeding.
  • Mobile app to take pictures of each seizures.
  • Control and counters for trichina samples.


Obtaining Hot Carcass Weight

Obtaining Hot Carcass Weight

The weight corresponding to each of the carcasses is obtained automatically and is updated with the rest of the data obtained previously from each of the channels, such as Autofom, veterinary inspection, gender, farmer…

Possibility of manual parameter entry, conformation, custom classifications, and canal destinations.

We are managing versions of weight data collection without human intervention that operate up to 1,000 pigs/hour.

Weight backup system. You will always have all the weights even if the programs or PanelPC are stopped.


Autosort – Channel Optimization

Autosort - Channel Optimization

If we assume that all carcasses are different, it would be a grave mistake from an economic point of view to process them all in the same way, we mean, cutting them the same.

Different pigs are valid for obtaining different commercial products, and based on customer specifications, we can classify them within the equalization chamber so that they can be processed in the most optimal way with the Autosort module.

Main functionalities:

  • Creation of classes using all the data collected by the system (batch, farm, weight, % lean, gender, breed, customer…)
  • Infinite types of classes for the same animal according to its functionality or department (purchases, production, settlements…)
  • Management of lanes and chambers with their capacities.


InkJet Markers

InkJet Markers

We have two types of ink markers:

  • To mark the sanitary seal automatically
  • To print traceability and classification data corresponding to each of the channels, information that can be used later in the cooling chamber or in the cutting room.


Placement and Sorting of Carcasses based on Optimal Use (WMS) / Creation of Output Orders

Placement and Sorting of Carcasses based on Optimal Use (WMS) / Creation of Output Orders

According to the assigned carcass class and the class groups assigned to the camera rails, it manages the movement of these against the camera PLC, giving a perfect order for the positioning of carcasses.

On the side of the cutting room, the output orders will be created to obtain the batches of carcasses according to the production needs.

All orders can be created at the beginning of the day, and the HUB-WMS will gradually make requests to the PLC, being able to pause or modify the priorities of the requests.


Deboning Room – Production Plan Scheduler

Deboning Room - Production Plan Scheduler

Tool for the production planning of the cutting and deboning room. It can be used for each line or globally in the room.

Generation of production orders based on desired criteria, we can work against this orders, stock, or custom needs.

Real-time Dashboard of production in the room.

Integration and synchronization with ERP, orders, products, and stocks.


Deboning Room – ID Points & Yield Control

Deboning Room - ID Points & Yield Control

Obtaining the weight of all products provides the necessary information to understand the performance of each production line, batches, and different cuts.

To get this information, ID points, batch, units equipped with scales are necessary. We also use RFID readers to identify each product/container and ensure its delivery to the destination by communicating with the corresponding PLC.

Using our Yield control system makes it possible to detect deviations caused by the daily work routine and quickly correct them to avoid unnecessary economic damage.


DRS – Deboning Room Software

DRS – Deboning Room Software

Comprehensive production software from the deboning room entrance to the final product trough Production Orders.

Key features:

  • Web app for touch terminals and mobile devices without the need to connect any device or depend on any computer.
  • Automatic generation of Production orders based on criteria selected by the user.
  • Warehouse management and stock control.
  • Management of formulas and product transformations.
  • Weighing, identification, and labelling of products and containers.
  • Label management with barcodes and product specifications (language, production data, nutritional information, expiration, preservation…)
  • SAE Management
  • Multi-species support
  • Mass balance. Reporting and data exploitation.
  • ERP synchronization


Centralized Labelling packaging System – SIGETIC

Centralized Labelling packaging System - SIGETIC

Software for the centralized management of labelling and weighing systems, this application allows managing and configuring labelling trains remotely and collectively, gaining control and time, avoiding errors and the need to perform machine-to-machine operations.

Key features:

  • Real-time visualization of the operation of the machines, machine maintenance, and machine groups.
  • Clients and client groups or large surfaces.
  • Orders, items, and families.
  • Maintenance of labels, labelling conditions, and formats for items, clients, or groups.
  • Generate customized menus for Bizerba machines.
  • ERP synchronization


Picking Order Preparation

Picking Order Preparation

The software can be installed at multiple weighing points, receiving client ERP orders, organizing shipping routes, prioritizing orders, or being part of the automated order preparation system, SAPP.

Orders are organized by sections, rooms, or types of products, subsequently grouped to organize shipping routes.

Web application executable from any device, from a touch PanelPC to mobile devices for quick expeditions with barcode, QR, or tag readings.

The robotic system goes beyond the automation of the room; it also provides organization, which, in combination with the software, allows the preparation of many more lines per minute with less people.


Alarms. Incident Control with Automail & Telegram

Alarms. Incident Control with Automail & Telegram

Knowing what really happens on the production line is always a challenge, and distributing information correctly is practically impossible.

Using our incident and alarm system connected to Automail and Telegram, you will always be informed in real-time about the slaughter situation and be sure that the information reaches the appropriate people immediately.

Telegram BOT to receive alarms and ask real-time production data without any vpn or remote connections to the company from anywhere.


Control d’operacions i eficiència d’equips – OEE

Control d’operacions i eficiència d’equips - OEE

The OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is an indicator used in the industry to measure the efficiency and overall effectiveness of production systems.

The OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is an indicator used in the industry to measure the efficiency and overall effectiveness of production systems.

Why is OEE important?

OEE is important because it is a recognized standard in the manufacturing industry. Improving OEE also has several benefits, such as increased capacity, reduced costs, and improved quality and efficiency of production.

Calculating OEE can also be used as a diagnostic tool to detect equipment inefficiencies before they impact plant results. Since OEE is broken down into categories, quality managers find it easier to identify equipment deficiencies and performance.

The three calculated measures are:

  • Availability: This measures the actual time the equipment is available for production, excluding planned downtime such as maintenance, setup, and changeover time. It is calculated as the ratio of operating time to planned production time.
  • Performance: This measures the speed at which the equipment operates compared to its theoretical maximum speed. It considers factors like slowdowns and minor stops. It is calculated as the ratio of actual production speed to ideal production speed.
  • Quality: This measures the ratio of good output to total output, taking into account defects, rework, and scrap. It is calculated as the ratio of good parts produced to total parts produced.

The combination of these three factors yields the value of OEE.

In summary, implementing OEE in a slaughterhouse can lead to more efficient operation, better resource utilization, higher-quality products, more informed decisions, and greater alignment with strategic objectives.

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NunaSolutions, is a brand of Teknologisk Institute specialized in data collection, traceability, control systems and software in the meat industry.

With more than 25 years of experience we can say that today we control the slaughter data of +100,000 pigs per day and provide our customers with all the key information to make optimal decisions.


Full traceability… from the farm to the slaughterhouse with Blockchain.


100% integrated software with Selfie system.


Veterinary inspection, weighing, classification and marking of channels with food ink.


Optimization of channels, management of the equalization chamber organizing the channels.


Performance control in the cutting room, primary cuts, and final product.


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Eduard Martínez

General manager

Jordi Sánchez

IT Development manager

Hervè Derrien

Consultant French market

Jordi Molins

Sales Manager